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Paroles Vivrant Thing

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Check It Out Now
No Doubt Now
Uh Yo
Check It Out Now

[Verse 1]
Special Girl Real Good Girl
Biggest Thing In My Itty Bitty World
Call Her Up Cuz She Make Me Feel Right
Wistful Bliss Could Never Take Filght
Sittin Back With This Mic In My Hand
Spittin Hot Shit Tryin To See Grand
Imprinted On My Mind Every Minute
Make My Plans And You Always In It Yo Uh

Its Such A Vivrant Thing
Vivrant Thing A Vivrant Thing

And Even Though We Both Fly
Give Each Other Space And Not The Evil Eye
Actin Like Grown-Ups
Don't Even Try To Hide Cuz The Spots Blown Up
Girlfriend Tellin You She Wanna See
I Say I Don't Know But She Say Gladly
And When We Both Do It
We Go On And On And On And On And On And
Sweeter Than Ben And Jerry
Can I Rhyme? Well You Know I Gets Mine
Sittin Round In My Abstract Car
This Abstract Thing Going Abstract Far Yo

[Hook X2]
Its Such A Vivrant Thing
Vivrant Thing A Vivrant Thing
Its Such A Vivrant Thing
Vivrant Thing A Vivrant Thing
Check It Yo

[Verse 2]
Gettin Back To My Mc Status
All The Willie That I Kick
Make The Other Niggas Madest
Movin Through You Town And Situation
Shorty Thought She Subtle
But She Really Was Blatant When She
Shake Her Thing And Violate It
Now These Wolf Like Thoughts Are Formulated
I'm Sayin Though Is This Some Hard Thug Shit In Here
Am I A Strong Back Nigga Well Shit Yea
Plus We Can Hold A Convo
Or Go To The Movies My Crib Whateva Yo
Just Wanna See You By My Side
We On 95 Know The Stash Is In The Ride
A Rapid Nigga For Real
You Would Find Me In The (?)
If I Didn't Cop A Deal
Grab Slate Like Big Grate
You Buy I Sell We Make Big Cake
Just Move Your Little Thing
Move It Around And Shake Your Little Thing

Hook Till End

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