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All I Could Do Was Cry par Etta James 55
Anyone Could Fall in Love With You par Elvis Presley 203
Anything Could Happen par Ellie Goulding 54
Anything Could Happen (Traduction) par Ellie Goulding 55
Battle Of Who Could Care Less par Ben Folds Five 56
BEST I COULD par Barbra Streisand 126
Could par Brian McKnight 84
Could Be Anything par Lumidee 71
Could I Be par Wood 34
Could I Be Falling In Love par Jim Reeves 142
Could I Fall in Love par Elvis Presley 203
Could I Have This Dance par Anne Murray 106
Could I Have This Kiss Forever par Enrique Iglesias 112
Could I've Been So Blind par The Black Crowes 127
Could It Be par Tweet 27
Could It Be Any Harder par The Calling 65
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love par The Spinners 57
COULD IT BE MAGIC par Donna Summer 59
COULD IT BE MAGIC (Traduction) par Donna Summer 59
COULD IT BE RIGHT par Earth Wind And Fire 138
Could It Be You par N Sync 106
Could it still be tonight par Joan As Police Woman 42
Could This Be Love par Jennifer Lopez 82
Could This Be Magic par All-4-One 68
Could U Love Me par Will Smith 83
Could you par TV On The Radio 22
Could you be loved par Bob Marley 176
Could you be loved (traduction) par Bob Marley 176
Could You Learn To Love par Babyface 132
Could You Use Mer par Judy Garland 50
Could've Been Me par Billy Ray Cyrus 128
Could've Been Somebody par Kanye West 108
Could've Had Everything par Pink 98
Coulda Been par Kimberley Locke 24
Coulda Been The One par Rihanna 196
Coulda Been The One (Traduction) par Rihanna 196
Coulda Woulda Shoulda par Céline Dion 188
Coulda, woulda, shoulda par Montell Jordan 95
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 par Elvis Costello 71
Couldn't Care Less par No Angels 49
Couldn't Have Said It Better par Meat Loaf 46
Couldn't You Keep That To Yourself par Elvis Costello 71
Doorbell Could Speak par Barbra Streisand 130
Even If I Could par The Mamas & The Papas 90
Everything A Man Could Ever par Glen Campbell 59
Everything That I Could Find par A Perfect Circle 180
Hating (Everything That I Could Find) par Korn 116
He Could Be The One par Hannah Montana 98
Heart You Could Have Had par Wanda Jackson 113
How Could An Angel Break My Heart par Babyface 131
How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel par Morrissey 78
How Could I par Marc Anthony 102
How Could I Be Such A Fool (in album Cruising With Ruben & The Jets) par Frank Zappa 149
How Could I Fall par Simply Red 83
How Could I Hold On par Stabbing Westward 54
How Could It Take So Long par Jesse Harris 50
How Could This Happen to Me par Simple Plan 149
How Could We Dare To Be Wrong? par Colin Blunstone 69
How Could You par K-Ci and JoJo 35
How Could You ? par Miley Cyrus 53
How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know Ive Been par Fred Astaire 43
How Could You Call Her Baby par Babyface 130
How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me par Frank Sinatra 187
How Could Your par Lisa Stansfield 119
How He Could Hurt You par The Temptations 80
How I could just kill a man par Rage Against The Machine 130
I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It par Anal Cunt 197
I Could Be Old par Mr Lab 44
I Could Be Persuaded par Bananarama 92
I Could Be So Good For You par Dennis Waterman 24
I could be the one par Stacie Orrico 58
I Could be The One (Traduction) par Avicii 107
I Could Be Wrong par The Starting Line 64
I Could Cry par Jim Reeves 138
I could die for you par Red Hot Chili Peppers 146
I Could Fall In Love par Selena 94
I Could Fall In Love With You par Erasure 94
I Could Fly par Keith Urban 76
I Could Give You (A Mirror) par Eurythmics 116
I Could Have Danced All Night par Frank Sinatra 187
I could have lied par Red Hot Chili Peppers 151
I Could Have Told You par Frank Sinatra 190
I Could Kill You par Ginette Claudette 34
I Could Lie par Ian Dury 37
I could make a living out of loving you par Jon Bon Jovi 99
I Could Make You Care par Frank Sinatra 189
I Could Never Belong To You par Sarah Blasko 55
I Could Never Give You Up par David Allan Coe 112
I Could Never Give You Up (for Someone Else) par David Allan Coe 116
I Could Never Love Another (af par The Temptations 79
I could never take the place of your man par Prince 171
I Could Not Ask For More par Sara Evans 59
I Could Not Love You More par The Bee Gees 216
I Could Rob You par Plastiscines 45
I Could Say par Lily Allen 118
I Could Say (Traduction) par Lily Allen 120
I Could Stay Away Forever par Snow patrol 59
I Could Turn Back Time par Cher 92
I Could Write a Book par Frank Sinatra 189
I Could've Been You par Melissa Etheridge 50
I Could've Been Your Girl par She & Him 64
I Could... If They Would par Billy Gilman 54
I Couldn't Afford To Buy You A Present (So I Wrote You This Song) par Anal Cunt 196
I Couldn't be Your Friend par Tegan And Sara 41
I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To par The Temptations 78
I Couldn't Keep From Cry par Johnny Cash 162
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried par Rodney J Crowell 43
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love par Petula Clark 50
I Couldn't Love You More par Sade 67
I Couldn't Say Goodbye par Tom Jones 133
I Couldn't See You Leavin par Conway Twitty 57
I Couldn't Sleep par Au Revoir Simone 65
I Just Couldn't Say No par Alabama 129
I Know We Could Be So Happy, Baby (If We Wanted To Be) par Jeff Buckley 79
I Made You're Kid Get AIDS, So You Could Watch It Die par Anal Cunt 197
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish par The Smiths 67
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish (Traduction) par The Smiths 66
I Think I Could Stand You Forever par Toto 213
I Used To Could par Mark Knopfler 142
I Wish I Could Back Up par Alan Jackson 117
I Wish I Could Be Lonely Instead par Kelly Clarkson 67
I Wish I Could Be So Free par Eldia 68
I Wish I Could Say No To You par Tom Jones 132
I Wish I Could Tell You par Chloe Howl 25
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day par Roy Wood 22
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday par Spice Girls 80
I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again par T. Graham Brown 39
I Wish That I Could See You Soon par Herman Dune 86
I Wish The Cats Could Talk par Najwa Nimri 28
I Wish We Could Be Alone par Laura Branigan 56
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry par Wanda Jackson 114
I've Got A Witch Mad At Me And You Could Get Into Trouble par Forgive Durden 66
If A Song Could Get Me You par Marit Larsen 21
If Dead Men Could Talk par 50 Cent 141
If I Could par Seal 72
If I Could Be Where You Are par Enya 108
If I could believe par Elvis Costello 69
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You par Marvin Gaye 82
If I Could Change Your Mind par Haim 33
If I Could Climb The Walls Of This Bottle par David Allan Coe 112
If I Could Collapse The Masses par Trivium 99
If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You par Caravan 72
If I Could Fall In Love par Lenny Kravitz 151
If I Could Fly par Boy George 97
If I Could Fly (Traduction) par Helloween 69
If I Could Have Her Tonight par Neil Young 162
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again par Ben Harper 166
If I Could I Would par Esmée Denters 43
If I Could Love You par Puddle Of Mudd 120
If I Could Make A Living par Clay Walker 50
If I Could Make Love To A Bottle par Weird Al Yankovic 120
If I Could Make The World Dance par R-Kelly 134
If I Could Only Find The Words par Gloria Estefan 138
If I could only flag her down par ZZ Top 96
If I Could Only Stay Asleep par Patsy Cline 37
If I Could Only Win Your Love par Emmylou Harris 54
If I Could Teach the World par Bone Thugs n Harmony 168
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time par R-Kelly 133
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Traduction) par R-Kelly 133
If Looks Could Kill par Beyonce 52
If Music Could Talk par The Clash 219
If My Friends Could See Me Now par Sweet Charity 30
If My Truck Could Talk par Jason Aldean 58
If Only I Could par William White 28
If Only I Could Live My Life Again par Gilbert Becaud 198
If Only Mother Could See Me Now par Cat Stevens 190
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep par The Cure 171
If She Could See Me Now par Jason Aldean 57
If That Chair Could Talk par Rachel Proctor 31
If Walls Could Talk par Céline Dion 193
If We Could Start Over par Céline Dion 193
If You Could par Tara Maclean 39
If You Could Do Anything Else par George Strait 99
IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND par Barbra Streisand 131
If You Could See Me Now par Céline Dion 193
It Could All Get Blown Away par The Jeff Healey Band 43
It Could Be A Good Excuse par The Used 131
It could be sweet par Portishead 41
It Could Be You par Def leppard 105
It Could Be You Instead Of Him par Johnny Cash 163
It Could Happen To You par Diana Krall 134
It Could Have Been Anyone par Carole King 106
It Coulda Been Me par Social Distortion 52
It Couldve Been You par Deborah Cox 41
Last Night I Couldn't Get To Sleep At All par The Fifth Dimension 52
Never Could Toe The Mark par Waylon Jennings 33
No Entiendes La Onda (How I Could Just Kill a Man) par Cypress Hill 93
Nobody Could Take Your Place par Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 27
Nothing Could Be Good par The Bee Gees 215
Nothing Could Come Between Us par Theory Of A Deadman 51
Only God Could Stop Me Loving You par Billy Ray Cyrus 128
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See par Busta Rhymes 78
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) par The Crew Cuts 25
She Could Be You par Shawn Hlookoff 41
She Couldn't Change Me par Montgomery Gentry 70
She Just Couldn't Stay par Trembling Blue Stars 36
Should've When You Could've par Skillet 44
Shoulda Coulda Woulda par Guy Lockard 23
Shoulda Woulda Coulda par Beverly Knight 29
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda par Brian McKnight 85
So Happy I Could Die par Lady Gaga 136
The Best That I Could Do par Justincase 56
The Man Who Couldn't Cry par Johnny Cash 164
We Could par Wanda Jackson 115
We Could Be par Keyshia Cole 82
We could be so good together par The Doors 74
We Could Have It All par Sugababes 64
We Could Take It Outside par Busta Rhymes 78
We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye par Diana Krall 134
What Could I Tell You par Hawksley Workman 74
What Would I Do If I Could Feel? par Diana Ross 141
Where Could He Be (featuring Missy Elliott & Tweet) par Aaliyah 122
Where Could I Go par Ben Harper 166
Where Could I Go but to the Lord par Elvis Presley 205
Who Could Ever Doubt My Love par The Supremes 137
Wish I Could par Norah Jones 72
Wish I Could Fly par Roxette 126
Wish It Could Always Be This Way par Lisa Stansfield 118
Wish You Could Be Me par A Perfect Circle 183
Wonder Could I Live There Anymore par Wanda Jackson 110
Words I Couldn't Say par Rascal Flatts 79
Worst That Could Happen par Brooklyn Bridge 38