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A caramel shorty with a fat ass
I spoke, you spoke and that's that
Now aint it funny how fate play
Cause I saw you at the club down on Market Street
And hollered like what's up girl
You said nothing man, and you smiled and went on your way
Like you didn't even notice me
And really like you didn't even want to speak
But that's cool, cause now its almost like everyday
I'm going off the things you do things you say
It seems like our lives have been syndicated
But my minds bout the music, we can both make it
Who would have thought we'd go from a straight up ignore
To talkin bout who wants more
Just let me tell


Baby baby baby (I want you)
Baby baby baby
Do you really want me girl (do you want me)
Do you really want me
Like I really want you

Check it out how it transpired

We went from a spark to a raging fire
Down like a car with 4 flat tires
She my superstar, I'd be the shine behind her (ya mean)
She got a nigga wide open
Shook like a tree when the wind is blowin
She my Missy, im her Timbaland
She rock my planet like
Zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh
My mans and them said get it in
But my plans have been to get it in
Cause I do that, never been a rude cat
I play fair so we go tic for tack till the blackness bares
First reaction was weird but it still was nice
So good that we did it twice
I'm saying in the beginning
She as scared but it still was nice
So good we did it twice
I'm telling you


All all girl all I all that I need I need is you
All that I want and need is you

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