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[Artist:Bow Wow & Mario]

Mario: uh huh, yeah yeah, bow wow ,mario,yall ready
[Chorus] I'll move on
Living the life, knowing I don't like whats on the table, looking at my life doing what's right because i'm able
Learnin' lessons, while protected, feeling grate oh
I'll move on
Living the life , knowing I don't like whats on the table
Looking at my life, doing whats right because I'm able
There's no turning back, see yestardays gone (yeah,yeah,
yeah yeah yeah) I'll move on

[Verse 1] Life goes on, as I roll on
I can only be a child for so long
ya'll wanna see my child hood prolong
but this time bow wow say so long
and I step to a new day,
new age, and a new page
in the book of life but it's lookin' like
ya'll ain't ready for the new phase
then I'ma get more mature
make mistakes, but hey
everybody did that before
ever feel like you've been traped before
wish you could open up a magic door
step throught it, just do it
the way that you feel it but cha'll confuse it
ya'll wanna show me, keep me secluded
but this is life I'm bound to go throught it
it's a process ya'll gotta dijest
let the boy grow up, wanna go out
have a little fun, if it get a lil' wild,
then so what
cause an ounce of experience
is more than a pint of advice
I hope ya'll hearing this, cuz I'm serious
and it's like, I'm so curious about life
I'm movin' on

[Verse 2] I bet you think you know what you think you know
but I'm different than any one you've eva seen before
so don't compare me to other thirteen year olds
you seen lookin' cute comin' on the scene to blow
first impression of a young adolescent

a grown up mind that flow so impressive
grew up so fast in this profession
a flash of concerts and late night sessions
so much dough, he don't know it's a blessin'
the way he brag, he won't last one second
but au contraire don't stop and stare
if i sell my jewelry and cut my hair
still be here after ya'll
standin' tall, like I ain't had a chance to ball
so when you doubt me I'll just laugh at cha'll
Shad Moss,fall in love, ain't in da plans at all
but ain't no tellin'
when there's no more sellin' another record end up
wit a pen label ends up a record but nah
Still got actin'& basketball
so if you ain't checkin' for me
I ain't checkin' for ya'll
let this be a lesson to ya'll
when a rap acteace
play professional ball
no matter who you get at rights
or who you listening to
you get one life can't nobody live it but you

Mario: movin on yeah
movin on, movin on
I'm movin on
gotta move on
I'ma move on
all ya move on
let it go now
get the roll now
me and you now
here we go nowuwoah hooo

Bow Wow: just playin around ya'll
gotta go now ya'll

Mario: no no no no no

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