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Rastafari bless the youths as long as they live
Keep them on the right track far from envy and greed
Teach them how to help each other so they could achieve
Hail up the Most High he shall bless your seeds

Jah you blessed me all my life
Provide your care for my kids and wife
Always showed me wrong from right
Set my feet on higher heights
I’ve got to give thanks all my days
‘Cause Jah you helped me ease the pain
Through these trouble times I face
Jah you wash my tears away


Never surrender, never retreat
Even when the road gets steep
Always keep your goals in sight and some day you shall achieve

Though some try to keep you down through they don’t want to see you reach
Remember Jah is by your side so you shall never get defeat
The system keeps pressuring the poor man and the meek
So much hungry belly pickneys, so much homeless in the streets
Though we try our best it’s so hard to make ends meet
Still we got to stand strong can’t afford to be weak
I know that things and time shall change
So never lose confidence within yourself


Why dutty Babylon want see the ghetto youths stalling
Nothing could stop the ghetto youths from rising
They try to hold us down make us turn to crime and violence
But we’re not going to stray because the Most High give us guidance
I tell the ghetto youths to live up right
Stop with the war all of the fuss and fight
Cause this a time when we all should unite and give Babylon a surprise


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