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We’re heading straight for the top we don t back down
Bad mind people nah gonna see me slow down
Jah bless me with words powers and sound
So my life they could never lock down (Bis)

As a youth I knew that I would be a DJ
Just like Shabba Ranks or my brother Zumjay
Used to dream about the crowd every night and day
Tour around the world from city to country
Determined to achieve I never sat nor gazed
Lyrics in stock in my schoolbook page
The high grade smoke filling my lungs and brain
Music was my goal some thought I was insane
Now they see me on the charts
And I’m living extra broad as I told them from the start
I’m never going to stop
The father got my back and I’m heading for the top
If a boy tries to stop me shot a kill him on spot
Can’t lock us out, can’t push us out
Can’t shut us out they’re full of talk but they can’t draw us out
We don’t mind them with their dutty mouth
Ghetto youths don’t follow their route


Some want to see me fall
Want to see my back stuck against the wall
And to their feet they want see me crawl
But Father God makes us stand tall
Strong and firm like the great china wall
Real warrior they won’t see me bow
Burn up the fussy from head to toe
Tried everything but they can’t stop our flow
Just like the sun we shine and glow
Can’t cut our speed say we blow them like leaves
Think they’re bad they’re not badder than we
Stand up against us we kill them with ease
The sound of my gun makes them freeze
Sight the fussy from a distance
As they try to approach we don’t response
To the Father up above we give thanks
For my talent, the vision and the Guidance


(First verse)


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