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Paroles Girls Go Crazy feat. Baby

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R.Kelly talking-

There's alot of guys out there blamin' other cats
for takin they woman
Imma put it to you like this
I tell ni99az hey
Dont bring your woman to the club
Dont bring your main squeeze to the club
You what I'm sayin'?
Unless your game is tight
cuz if yo game aint tight
And a ni99a walk in and his game is tight
Sh**** f*ck around lose yo woman
you know what I'm sayin'?
If yo game aint tight
Quit bringin yo woman to these muthaf*ckin clubs dog
And blamin other ni99az for takin yo woman
Aint nobody take yo woman no way
If yo woman chose sumbody else then sh**t yo game aint tight (uh huh...thas right)
So quit runnin around here b*tchin
And tightin up ya game

Yeah Okay (okay) Kells Stunna Ghetto thriller
I smell ya boy (sniffing sound)
Come on Kells Boy!

Pull up in the whip and the girls go (crazy)
Been to the club and the girls go (crazy)
A sip of hypnotic and the girls go (crazy)
Put the cut on and the girls go (crazy)
Pull down the pants down and the girls go (crazy)
Roll it around and the girls go (crazy)
A stroke of the ---- and the girls go (crazy)
All I wanna do is make the girls go (crazy)

Verse 1 (R Kelly)
I aint tryna brag but man I'm the coldest
Chics around me catch chills cuz I'm frozen
R&B queen top gun and Im loaded
Everything you here in your jeep I wrote it
If it aint good life man I dont live it
If the raps hot then baby musta did it
Aint no time fo playin games yo
Gotta get this money and cop the Range Rov
Get the new coupe put em on them 24's
And get a Hummer V Impala with the plenty H*es

Now holla when you see me on ya block
Surround the lex when u see me on the block
Ladies dance like a party on yo block
And we got the whole industry on lock
Man I tell you this chic is sumthin
Movin azz like she a snake or sumthin
Man ya'll aint even gotta pay me
Cuz for free Imma drive her crazy


Verse 2 (Baby)

I aint got nuthin but money out the azz hole
Big money big stuntin how the game go
New benz new hummer with the tag low
Shake your body get them dollars off the dance flo
Im in the club and Im puffin on (Haze)
Me and Kelly wit a whole lotta (ladies)
I got cash thats a whole lotta (gravy?)
on ya azz if you ever try to (play me)
Ni99a'z think they ballin' spend a hundred on a jeep (yeah)
Millionaire ni99a spent a hundred on they teeth (yeah)
Turn back around and spend a hudred on a freak
Jewel game up spend a hundred on a piece
Its a fantasy (ni99a) what they callin yachts
Big cribs Miama my yard is blocked
Mean cash on the floor its all from rocks
Ya'll dont understand D boys are hot


Verse 3 (R Kelly)
Yo Baby
You dont the blue Kool-Aid got a ni99a tipsy
Twins feelin on me man like they tryna frisk me
What am I to do?
Lay em' both down and make em' go oooh
Bass pumpin
Spree wells
Whos that rollin up?
It's Kells
And girl if you feel like me
You wanna have sex on the 1st day like me?
You can climb in the whip
Spend lots of chips
Hit the beach wanna skinny dip like me


Hey Kel they lovin you and me
Hypnotic and E got her grittin up teeth (ah)
Fuck that let a freak be a freak
Pop one Pop two drinkin Hennesy
Mama need some mens (got her work cut out for you)
Momma need a benz (got a roof cut out for you)
Kinda short up on yo rent (got a whole new house for you)
And dont worry what I spend (Let the freak come out of you)


(R kelly)
Get bent till the early morn (we gon)
Get high till the early morn (we gon)
26 till the early morn (wit a)
Get a hotel till the early morn (we gon)
hit chics till the early morn (we got)
Hangovers in the early morn (we gon)
Ride out in the early morn
cuz the party dont stop till the early morn

R. Kelly Talking-
Kells Birdman TP3 ya'll Reloaded

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