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Winds that shine a bright, blinding dark.
Kerosene flames so cold they crack
Suns that blow becalmed twisters.
Ferocity sleeping.
Nothingness stacked
Intestines worn to shield the inward limbs.
Screams unheard.
Deafening thoughts
Levitating ground.
The solid water burns.
Liquid stone.
The immobile turns

Corrosion soothing the hurt within
Surroundings reaching to touch your skin
Progress in stalemate.
Death is alive
Eyes and mind glint - Glints collide

Pains sending shivers of well-being down your spine.
Sounds of healing crack your bones
Lamentation carving into smiling faces.
Surrounded by everyone, still you're all alone

Wormholes set as halos over sinners skulls.
Leaves chasing the fallen air away
A lifetime of needle-eyes too wide to escape, where honesty lies and angels betray

Incisions mending the wounds within
Surroundings breach the surface of your skin
Progress in static.
Life has died
Eyes and minds glint - Glints collide

Disorder putting everything back in place. Chaos the obtainer of lucidity
Tranquility created by raging turbulence. Your solid note frequency out of phase
The fractals of your soul - by symmetry abandoned. Confusion calms your overheating mind
You're the memory no one ever had. You're the one thing you will never find

Reincarnation trapped in a life span.
Corpses bolted to the ground arise
Omnilights flooding your world with their darkness
As your reflection turns its back to your eyes

You've entered your self-created antiparadise
Your universe processed and trapped in jars
Never-ending insanity
Down in the hell of mind, where glints collide

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