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All i want is bitches,
Big Booty Bitches
use to sell crack so i could stack my riches
now i pak gats
to stop all the snitchin
from stayin in my business
what is this?
relentlance approach to know if your broke or not
just cuz i joke and smoke alot
dont mean i dont tote the glock
16 shots for my niggaz in the pen
until we mothafuckin meet again, yea

Im doin rhymes now
fuck the crimes now
cmon on to AVE
im real hard to find now
cuz i knee deep in the beats

in the landcruiser jeep
with the mack 10
by the seats

For the jackers and jealous ass crackers in blue suits
make your prove that its bullet proof
Hold your head cuz when u hit the bricks i got jin madd blunts
and bitches suckin aghhhhhhhhhhh


am i hard hard-core
harder than the plymeth
aint no myth
its a nigga with its spliff and the crome four fifth

pressed on ya back
so wat u want knocka
what u want to act

I hope civilized cuz i luv to see niggaz die
brains all leakin out on the streets
and the pastor preachin "he was a good man"
claimed a bad man when the burner was in his hand

Nows hes singin sad songs with elvis
3 to the head
bout 6 across the pelvis

Fuck wit the high guy
you die
your the same mothafucka kickin
" look up in the sky "

Im on some more neck shit
suplex shit
hardcore sex shit
and text shit
what u want knocka

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