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And now here we stand in the approximate spot where the Cross stood
In this very spot supposedly on this very spot is
Where Christ was nailed to the Cross Laying flat on the ground
I don't think at this time that it really
After what I've seen today and what is just before me now
That it makes a lot of difference whether or not
This was exactly the very spot where Christ was crucified
And I feel proud in that I am able in my lifetime to come and stand
If not in the exact spot within a few feet or a few yards
At least of where it all happened
Where our Christianity began the most holiest of holy spots for the Christians
Now I would like myself to kneel before this place here underneath the table
Where the Cross was supposed to have stood
If it's definitely not the place it's near the place
After Christ was crucified He lay upon the Cross dying
After He was dead Roman soldiers cast lots for His clothes
There was a Roman soldier Marcellus
Who won this purple robe of Christ in a dice game
And legend has it story has it that Marcellus was affected very strongly by this robe
And the effects of having seen the Crucifixion he almost lost his mind
And everywhere he would go for months and years after that he was like a mad man
He would go to this one and that one stand there and say were you out there
Were you there were you there when they crucified Him

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