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A Is For Angry, Which Is What You Are At Me

A Is For Adult, Which Is What I'll Never Be

A Is For Applesauce, My Favorite Meal

A Is For Adam, Which Is How I Sometimes Feel;

Like I'm The Only Man On Earth, And I've Forgotten What That's Worth

A Is For Arthur, He's A Lovable Drunk

A M & Azing, Like Thelonius Monk

A Is For Argument, A Is For Apparent

A Is For Antagonism That's Not Even There And

It's Just You Begging For Attention Or Something I Won't Even Mention


And I Don't Even Know Why You Keep On Trying

Like I Don't Even Know Why I Keep On Lying

There Are Millions Of People In Worlds Of Their Own

And Two Of Them Can't Let Go

A Is For Algebra, I Learned It In School

A Is What Fonzie Said, 'Cause He Was Very Cool

A Is For Adversary, A Is For Affection

A Is Arousal, You Are Giving Me An Erection

C'mon I'm Trying To Show Affection For Longer Than A Half An Hour


I Met A Woman I Used To Know

Long Before You, Long Ago

All I Could Say, After Hello

Was Are You Still Single?

A Is For Attitude I Can't Help But Wield

A Is For Arrogance; Emotional Shield

A Is For Acting, A Is For Abhorrently

A Is For Asshole, Which Is What I Am, How Rude Of Me.

I Owe You An Apology I'm Sorry

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