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I can't run away from the thing in me
I'm weakening down another now developing within

I can feel it it's inside my head
Connected to my brain this other me is
Slowly taking over deep beneath the eye that
All can see energetic visions of the one
I know myself to be

Look into my eyes don't listen to their lies

How can I stop this from being real
No my life will be no longer what it always used to be

Life neglected infected by strain
I fall into the smothering the even flow of
Ravaging pain this my temple of selfcaged
Contempt a body slowly pierced by inevitable me

Do I differ from yourself am I like they say
The truth eventually I'm the one you want to be
Can you feel the same as I another inside
Pushing to free itself from the chains of the soul

Turn your eyes toward the inside
Dig deep within I'm sure you'll find
A different self a different soul
To put you in peace with mind

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