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- Music: "Pogues", McGowan -

Billy ran around with the rare old crew. And he knew an arsenal from Tottenham blue We'd be a darn sight better off if we knew where Billy's bones are resting now Billy saw a copper and he hit him in the knee Took him down from six foot to five foot three Then he hit him fair and square in the do-re-me That copper won't be having any family

Hey Billy son where are you now, don't you know that we Need you now With aratata and the old kow-tow where are Billy's bones Resting now

Billy went away with the peace keeping force 'cause he Liked a bloddy good fight of course Went away in an old khaki van to the banks of the river Jordan Billy saw the Arabs and he had'em on the run when he got'em In the range of his sub machine gun Then he got the Israelis in his sights, went ra-ta-ta And they ran like Shi-ites

Hey Billy Son where are you now, One night Billy had a rare old time, laughing and singing on The Lebanon line Came back to camp not looking too pretty never even got To see the Holy City

Now Billy's out there in the desert sun and his mother cries When the morning comes And there's mother's crying all over the world, for their poor Dead darling boys and girls Hey Billy son where are you now, Born on a Monday, married on a Tuesday, Drunk on a Wednesday, got plugged on a Thursday, sick on a Friday, Died on a Saturday, buried on Sunday

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