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Cup half empty, feeling myself
All this fire, think a nigga gon’ melt
…back of the club, no lights over here
Just a couple real niggas and dykes over here
I’m sittin’ on the couch like I’m sittin’ on the world
Throwin’ money while you niggas catchin’ feelings like a girl
M-G-A-F, middle finger to your face
Got bread in the bank and the toast on the waist
…ball hard nigga, you ain’t playin’ with a rookie
Eatin’ over here if you smell what I’m cookin’
Chain so heavy, leave a nigga with a hickey
Lost my mind but the whole team winnin’
Shots goin’ ’round, can’t block nobody
It’s West Side in this bitch, la di da di
Kill the scene ’til the whole thing bodied…
Ain’t nothing but a hobby…
Keep it 100…
Can’t stop now, even though I see red in my eyes
Head to the sky
Tryin’ to decide if I want Patron or Ciroc
I swear these problems are mine
Raised in the ‘hood, never had no problems
Just last year, nigga, made it from the bottom
Celebrate everyday they could’ve got us
With a cup in my hand like a baby with a bottle
Gone off everything, pour me somethin’
Ready for the action, know we stuntin’
F-K-I, motherfucker, keep drummin’
I don’t keep hoes, but I keep it 100…
Keep it 100…
I said keep it 100…
Okay, right off top, I’m stoned as a motherfucker
Neck full of rocks, no clones in this motherfucker
Hot like me, need ice in the oven mitten
Try one, them niggas, they won’t listen
I’m gone! Can’t stop, on a mission
Gettin’ paid in full, nigga, money mission
Don’t play by the rules, did I mention?
But I bet I’ll make a broke nigga pay attention

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