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give yo' girl respect
its yo' girl ciara
and them corner boys
das' right

(Verse 1)
first of all change your tone
come correct when you talk to me
cuz i am not some hoe,
silly girl that you can mistreat
i have a mind of my own
and there'll be times when we disagree
but if your not in control
then yout just ready to throw it all away

hey now wait a minute baby,
see there's no need for you to be this way
cuz i am your lady
i never thought that you would be so

better watch the way you talk to me
won't take no more
cuz all i need from you is a little respect
uh huh
just a little respect
uh huh
just a little respect
just a little bit
hope u hearin this
hope u talkin to

(Verse 2)
don't misunderstand what i mean
when im sayin im tryin to do me
u shouldn't be so unsure
and cause beef everytime i leave
i do appreciate
everything that u do for me

try not to suffocate
u need to give ur girl some time to breathe

hey now wait a minute baby
see there's no need for u to be this way
cuz i am ur lady
i never thought that u would be so


im tryin' my hardest
to keep u around
when im talkin just listen
boy please hear me out
the problems i'll solve them
best way i kno how
the only way to work this out
is u can be so OH

(Verse 3)
this silly chicken got me switching my tone
she really trippin and shorty be flippin
just if i don't pick up my phone
but im gone she be wishin im home
and when I'm home she say i don't pay attention guess my mission is blown
yo i don't be steppin to females
but im kinda feel really disrespected
she be checkin my E-mail
ur girlfriend's eager to watch me
and off then our conversation's tossed im like Edith + Archie
but damn it ain't all in the fam
if u can't trust me how the hell u gon call me a man
y the hell u don't feel like u all in the plans
u be talkin like u want me in the coroner's bin
yea i ball in the weekends all in the deep end
i swear to god u da only broad i be freaking
u the love of my life and i ain't frontin
i want u to be a best friend, mother and wife u lovin it right?


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